Rules of the Hunt


The Rules

  • Each week a new clue will be published here and in the Moab Ad-Vertiser.
  • As with acquiring Pirates Treasure, there is not cost to participate
  • Anyone can join the hunt but only the kids of Moab can get the treasure..
  • All who join should engage in the hunt with friends, parents or even their favorite pet (or parrot if ya be a true Pirate).


More rules

  • Participation cards can be found at the library in the kids section. This cards help keep track of the letters found at each clue location.
  • All clue locations are at public locations, everyone is welcome to these sites.
  • Clue locations are in Moab city limits. From Swanny City Park to the Rotary Park and places in between.


How to win the Treasure

  • To use this card, please enter the first letter found on the first line, and the second letter found on the last line. There is a special clue for the two letter word.
  • And the end of the 8 week hunt, there will be a Treasure party. 
  • Each kid who has gone to at least one clue location can get a key. And if they have the Luck of the Pirates, their key will open the chest of real gems, fine rings and fancy necklaces.