Weekly Clues


June 5th - The Building of Unending Knowledge

Solution: K & T

Here be the clue:

  • Here is the start, the beginning, now find your first clue,
  • Look for the building where knowledge is kept on paper bound by a bit of glue,
  • Now that you are here, you must seek the special tome,
  • "The Pirateology Handbook", but it is one that you cannot take home,
  • Two letters you need for the first of the phrase,
  • 1: 9,3,16 - 2: 7,1,64 The numbers refer to letter, paragraph and page,

Knowledge and understanding are key to being a successful pirate. One must know the inner workings of ships and sailing. And knowing how to swing on a rope from one ship to another can be quite beneficial. These skills, and many others, can be acquired at no cost if you can only find the ‘Building of Unending Knowledge’.

Not only can you learn what it is to be a pirate, but you can also find out about being anything you can dream. Things that only a pirate could only imagine. How about exploring ‘Davy Jones Locker’ by becoming a deep sea diver. I hear there are still sunken ships full of gold and treasure. 

Want to explore the reaches of space? Find out how to become an astronaut. Mars is still an open world that needs to be understood. Could you imagine being the first person to step onto another world? Oh, there is so much more to learn and know but you must take that first step, that step into the ‘Building of Unending Knowledge’. 

June 12th - The Hidden Court of the Sun

Solution N & R

  • For clue two you must use some Moab astronomy
  • Go now East of the Hall of Stars
  • Upon the Court of light and games
  • Two words to look for and they are this places name
  • In the first word seek the letter three, before the space
  • In the second word look for the letter fourth in place

What has been sacrificed to the Sun in this hidden Court? Fun and games and time with friends. 

June 19th - The Center of all Information

O & E

  • On Main and Center, stand under the Eagle’s wings and face the South,
  • Hop 3 squares South-East to begin and 5 more to the South, 
  • 2 more East and then 5 South-East,
  • Now jump 4 East, turn and 2 North-East,
  • Almost done with 4 squares East, 1 square more to the South-East,
  • Finally sit upon the bench of stone while facing to the West,
  • That what you seek is written on the wall, letters of two gives the clue,
  • In the first word find the second set of lettered twins
  • In the second word find the only set of double letters for the win

Lost or just confused on where to go? This location can point out all interesting places to visit.

June 26th - The Emerald Field

W & A


Travel now to the expanse of emerald green,

Where people playing, swimming, and skating can be seen.

Here are festivals held for cars and arts,

Movies too are held Fridays after dark.

Now the name of this park is interesting you see,

In its first name look for letters two and three.

And if you are here at the right time of day (11:30 – 1:00),

Head North for free lunch at HMK. 

July 3rd - Clue for the Middle

I & S  - This are the middle answers


  • Down in the “Southeast” valley where “Red Rock” once stood,
  • Search higher than a man’s eye on the high reaching wood,
  • The letters placed there are the middle of the clue,
  • Look for the ones of Pirates desire, the ones of Ag and Au.

  • Now the search you’ve made and are done for the day,
  • Time to cross the road to a land of fun and play,
  • Music and swings and more can be found,
  • Let your imagination run wild to find adventure unbound.

This place holds the smallest clue of letters two.

July 10th - Moonstone Gallery


  • Near to the building that held the first clue,
  • Art is on display for you to view,
  • West of the library sculptures to expand your mind,
  • Jazz Cat and a blue puma are just two you can find,
  • Now look below the moon that resides over this place,
  • Its name is what you look for to continue this race,
  • Now the second word hold the first letter in this clue,
  • It is the double letters that should stand out to you,
  • The first word keeps the second letter you need to seek,
  • Count five over, write it down, and get ready for next week